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A tradition of Innovation
Image: Felix Mittermeier 
A tradition of Innovation

From Hans Peter's first ideas for the development of a real Artificial General Intelligence to the final implementation of the ASTRID technology, MIND|CONSTRUCT has always been at the forefront of high-end systems research and development.

The ASTRID technology has been researched and in development for more than a decade. During this period, Hans Peter made several scientific and technological breakthroughs, resulting in our advanced and unique position in the field of Artificial General Intelligence.


This is why we are confident to be the world's FIRST company to have developed a real working Cognitive Architecture, capable of Full Autonomous Incremental Learning across Knowledge Domains.

Below you will find a compressed compendium of noteworthy milestones and accomplishments in the ambitious history of our company. As you read, take note: This is how you build a Tradition of Innovation.

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