Company Policy regarding Covid-19

Our company offices are officially under lockdown until further notice. It is not possible to visit our offices without prior appointment and consent from our side. Although we are on the premises during office hours, and even outside office hours when needed, you cannot enter our office or even the outside parking lot. Only on appointment we will unlock the access to our premises.

If you are visiting our company on a legitimate appointment, you are required to wear a facemask at all times inside our office building. We have set up disinfectant bottles at key locations in our office: Disinfecting your hands is mandatory when entering the building. We appreciate if you disinfect regularly for the time that you reside in our office building.

If you have problems with using disinfectant, we have protective latex gloves available as an alternative measure.

Website Cookie policy

The MIND|CONSTRUCT website does not store any personalized information in cookies. The website uses only one session cookie to keep track of the visitor only DURING the visit of the website to support certain functions on the website. This cookie is destroyed/invalidated by the browser after 30 minutes when the website is no longer visited.

The website also does not use any tracking cookies, although implementation of share buttons for the main Social Networks might contain tracking functionality from those platforms. Although we have no control over these trackers, as they are remotely deployed in the buttons, you can block these trackers with browser tools like Ghostery. We advise you to use such a blocker in your browser, but be aware that some sharing buttons might not show when using a blocker. From our testing this is at least the case with the Twitter share button. If you want to share our information via Twitter, you need to unblock trackers on our site. With most blockers, this can be done temporarily, though.

We use Google Analytics for Website Traffic Metrics: this might show up in any tracking blocker that you might use. The information gathered by the Google Analytics script is of course completely anonymous. You are of course free to block our analytics script, but we humbly request to not do that. 

Ownership of Copyrights

All written information on this website is Copyright 2021 MIND|CONSTRUCT and Copyright 2021 Hans Peter Willems, unless stated otherwise specifically in place. Use of this information in any way or form is only allowed after written permission from either MIND|CONSTRUCT (Communications department) or Hans Peter Willems in person. Requests of that nature are normally granted, unless we have serious grounds to withhold permission.

Images on this website are either copyright MIND|CONSTRUCT and/or Hans Peter Willems (where stated in place) or sourced from royalty-free photo libraries like and Where possible attribution is given to the original photographer.

This website uses custom scripts and technical resources from third parties, specifically from

Submitted Data Retention

When you upload personal information to our system you automatically agree to us retaining that information for a certain period. Privacy-sensitive information will be kept on record for a maximum period of one year. If we deem the information important enough to keep on record after that period, we will always contact you for approval. On first request from you, we will remove any privacy-sensitive information regarding you as a person, from our systems.

We take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of your submitted information. Uploaded documents are stored outside the web server and are therefor not accessible in any way through internet access.