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Work today with Future Technology

Is your company developing technology that is needing High-Level Autonomy, then our ASTRID technology will make it possible for you to implement Future Technology immediately, Today!

The ASTRID system supports all major and popular interface protocols to integrate our AGI capabilities into any existing or future product in need of High-Level Autonomy. Any prospective partner that can think of an implementation or integration of our technology is welcome to discuss possible partnerships with us.



MIND|CONSTRUCT will set up tailor-made partnerships when needed, to facilitate any requirements for implementing our technology in your product or service.

Don't hesitate to contact us and start developing the Future together with MIND|CONSTRUCT today.

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Automotive is a prime target for implementation of High Level Autonomous AGI. Fully autonomous cars will only be achieved when the system actually understands what is going on around it, and without AGI this is still the 'hard problem' of self-driving cars.

Currently, the Automotive industry is focussing on Deep Learning to solve the problems at hand but over the last few years very little progress has been made so far. The availability of the ASTRID technology might prove to be a game changer in this field.

A current Deep Learning-based system can be augmented with a ASTRID reasoning engine to handle complex and novel situations that need Deep Inference across multiple knowledge domains.

Transport and Cargo are areas where automation proved very advantageous quite early. The narrowly defined technological domain makes simple rule-based automation effective right away. However, in these areas are still several tasks that need to be done by humans because of the unpredictable nature of those tasks. Strict automation rules that leave very little room for error, are running the work  environment, making this work exceedingly dangerous.

A real AGI system like ASTRID can make the existing automation more aware and proactive in solving problems involving human workers.

It can even completely replace human workers in areas that are actually too dangerous to work in for humans, like cleaning hazardous transportation vessels.

Education has already become largely driven by Information Technology. Many courses today are online and students are increasingly dependent on digital information and computer systems.

The role of the teacher is becoming less that of a coach and tutor, and more that of the entity that monitors student involvement in the course and does the grading. However, grading is also already being automated where possible.

AGI technology can free human teachers from the mundane but important tasks of guiding the course involvement of students, so they can focus again on tutoring. An AGI system like ASTRID can also be deployed to get every student their own personal tutor to get even better education.

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