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Questions and Answers
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Questions and Answers

Below you will find the questions that have been answered over the course of a decade while Hans Peter Willems was researching and developing the ASTRID system. As you can imagine, most of the obvious questions have been asked already (and many times over) and you will find the answers to those. In addition, you will find answers to some less obvious questions as well.


This section of the website is actively maintained and new FAQ items are added over time. This might involve new questions we encounter in our daily operations, but also questions from the past decade that we simply didn't get to yet to include here.

Please let us know if you have a question that could or even should be in here. We gladly answer and add it here.

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I'm a small investor, can I invest in your company

MIND|CONSTRUCT is currently a privately held company. Our shares are not (yet) tradable, so buying small amounts of shares is only possible when we do a private funding round. We had several funding rounds over the last few years but currently there are no rounds planned where you can buy small amounts of shares.

We are however in the process of finding and securing a larger investment to fund the next phase of both the ASTRID project and the company. Depending on how large your possible investment would be, we might decide to sell shares to you. If you are interested to make an investment with us, do not hesitate to contact us.