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Questions and Answers
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Questions and Answers

Below you will find the questions that have been answered over the course of a decade while Hans Peter Willems was researching and developing the ASTRID system. As you can imagine, most of the obvious questions have been asked already (and many times over) and you will find the answers to those. In addition, you will find answers to some less obvious questions as well.


This section of the website is actively maintained and new FAQ items are added over time. This might involve new questions we encounter in our daily operations, but also questions from the past decade that we simply didn't get to yet to include here.

Please let us know if you have a question that could or even should be in here. We gladly answer and add it here.

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How do you protect your Intellectual Property (without a patent)

The only real protection against theft of Intellectual Property is complete secrecy. Although this is not exactly simple to implement and manage, it is a viable means of protection.

The first level of protection is using Non Disclosure Agreements to legally shield against the unauthorized leaking of confidential information. You can find more information about our NDA here.

One of the most renowned companies that use this method is Coca-Cola: the recipe is not patented but protected by a very convoluted setup of several people each having a small part of the information.

Are there any public ASTRID demonstrations that I can visit

At least once a year MIND|CONSTRUCT organizes public days at our headquarters. Those are primarily aimed at shareholders and relatives, but interested parties can get an invitation as well.

We also get requests from business societies and guilds for presentations and demonstrations, that we gladly host to show our technology in action.

If you like any of these options, just contact us, and we'll see what we can do.