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AI X-prize launched in cooperation with TED
AI X-prize launched in cooperation with TED

Published: 2014-03-22 in Public Media

The X-prize foundation, together with TED, have launched the AI X-prize. It can be seen as an extended Turing-test, where a machine intelligence has to prove it can function like a human. In this case, the machine has to function like a very intelligent human, capable of giving a TED presentation and answering a few questions about the presentation afterward.

The actual AI X-prize has not yet been officially opened. People around the world can participate in the actual formulation of the X-prize goal and rules. So far, at least, it is expected for an AI-system to give a presentation TED-style and elicit a standing ovation from the TED audience.

Subsequently, the TED host will ask a few questions about the presentation, and the AI-system should be able to answer those.


The AI-system won't know that actual topic until 30 minutes before the actual presentation, and will have those 30 minutes to prepare the presentation; a feat that is hard even for real humans.

More information about the AI-X-prize can be found at the X-prize website.


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