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Hans Peter Willems joins 'VPRO Tegenlicht' discussion panel for the second time
Hans Peter Willems joins 'VPRO Tegenlicht' discussion panel for the second time

Published: 2018-02-21 in Public Media

Next week on Tuesday the 27th February, Hans Peter will be part of the discussion panel at the VPRO Tegenlicht discussion on Harari's book 'Homo Deus'. This is the second time that Hans Peter is invited to be part of the experts panel for this event.

'VPRO Tegenlicht' is a Dutch documentary TV series that takes on controversial topics like the impact of intelligent machines on our lives.

In coordination with the TV episodes, public discussion evenings are organized in certain locations across the Netherlands. Based on the discussion topic, a panel of experts is assembled for each evening.


One documentary was centered around the 'Homo Deus' book from Harari and this evening of guided discussion will bring together several specialists from the AI-field (mainly Hans Peter) and psychology to discuss the possibilities that Harari describes in his book and that were showcased in the documentary.

Visit the VPRO Tegenlicht website.


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