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Matomo replaces Google Analytics
Matomo replaces Google Analytics

Published: 2022-10-07 in Marketing

Matomo is replacing Google Analytics for our online traffic analysis. The use of Google Analytics is now illegal in the European Union.


The new GDPR-rulings that are now activated in the European Union, have made things difficult for platform-suppliers that are operating from outside the EU. This specifically hits companies like Google and Facebook, both already facing hefty fines for not complying with the GDPR.

However, the new rulings are now also targeting EU-based companies that use the services from those outside-EU suppliers. When your company is using Google Analytics (like we did), then you are held responsible for storing EU citizens' information on outside-EU servers, which is now illegal.

Several EU-states have already officially banned the use, and it's expected that the Netherlands will soon follow suit.


Besides the legal complications related to Google Analytics, this switch is also in line with our current company guideline to keep our corporate data away from platform-operators that monetize on the collection of such data.

We are slowly moving all of our IT-infrastructure to systems that are under our full control and no longer hosted on third-party servers. We already started moving most of our internal information streams to a Nextcloud instance that is running on our on-premise servers.

Matomo is a premier alternative for Google Analytics. It also provides us with campaign-tracking functionality that doesn't incur additional costs like Google's AdSense does.

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