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New commercial website for MIND|CONSTRUCT OnLine
New commercial website for MIND|CONSTRUCT OnLine

Published: 2021-01-26 in Marketing

We launched our new commercially focussed website (you are looking at it). We aimed at a very futuristic design, appropriate for an AGI-company.


The old MIND|CONSTRUCT website was mainly aimed at scientific parties and visitors, and was needing a serious overhaul. The content consisted mainly of R&D information because we were in the middle of scientific research and the (software) development of our proof-of-concept. Commercial information was completely absent, as there were no products or services available yet.

Instead of just updating the content of the old website, we decided to build a complete new website. New is always better, of course. The main reason, however, was that the structure of the old website didn't exactly cater for commercial content. The old website also had specific sections that were no longer required. Because of this, a full rebuild and redesign was in order.


Although this new website still has sections on science and technology, there is an abundance of information on real-world applications for the ASTRID-system. There are specific pages on the application in the domains that we identified as our primary targets: Healthcare, Disaster Relief and Space Exploration. These are all applications that need a high level of autonomy in robotics, exactly what ASTRID was developed for.

There is still a lot of scientific and technological information available. But, where this was previously aimed at scientists and developers, it is now aimed at prospective clients that want additional information about the underlying technology and the scientific background of the ASTRID-project.


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