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Implementing Nextcloud private cloud server
Implementing Nextcloud private cloud server

Published: 2022-04-29 in Organization

After evaluating several cloud server solutions, we have selected Nextcloud as our corporate information management platform.

Nextcloud is a private cloud server solution, aimed at running a full suite of cloud services on private hardware. Nextcloud performs most services that we know from providers like Google and Microsoft, like email, documents, pictures, notes, etc. However, Nextcloud brings several additional components like Kanban project management, knowledge management, mind-mapping, just to name a few. All this makes Nextcloud a premier solution for a technology company like ours.

The main reason, however, is data security. Running our private cloud platform means that all our corporate information will no longer reside on third-party servers. Until now, we used various (unrelated) cloud applications for email, documents, notes and project management, but all this information will now be moved to our platform and removed from those external cloud services.


The implementation of Nextcloud is also part of our organizational strategy, to build a solid structural framework that can support the future growth of the company. MIND|CONSTRUCT is obviously an extremely knowledge-driven company, with a strong focus on R&D. This means that easy dissemination of the existing knowledge throughout the organization is of great importance.

Finally, the Nextcloud platform brings tight integration between document management, project planning and communication channels, which will positively affect our overall efficiency.

We have now started the implementation and hoping to have the system operational in the upcoming weeks. Thereafter, the massive task of moving all existing information (a decade's worth), and building our new QA-system, will commence.

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