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MIND|CONSTRUCT moves to Oosterhout
MIND|CONSTRUCT moves to Oosterhout

Published: 2018-11-01 in Organization

After three years running office in Heinkenszand, we have moved to a bigger en certainly better office location in Oosterhout (Noord Brabant, Netherlands).

The previous office in Heinkenszand was in a shared office building with several other companies sharing facilities. Over time, this has proven to be less than ideal, especially regarding building access and security.

Now we have our own building with a large parking space belonging to the building. Besides that, we have a little more office space than before and a larger conference room for our presentations.


More importantly though, Oosterhout is located almost in the center of the Netherlands, making our office much more accessible for our relations and partners, and specifically, our team members. Our office is located on the Weststad industrial area, one of the largest transportation and logistic hubs in the Netherlands, with direct connection to several main highways in the country.


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