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First Marketing Campaigns launched
First Marketing Campaigns launched

Published: 2022-07-19 in Marketing

Our marketing processes have been described in our new QA-system, and the necessary tools have been implemented in Nextcloud. We have started to test and tune the system.


While our company processes are being developed and described in our new QA-system, we are testing those processes for any needed changes, as part of our change-management cycle. This means the marketing system is actually operational, but will undergo some changes before we go full-scale on our marketing.

Most of the marketing-related processes are described now, and we have initiated the first small marketing campaigns to test those processes.


We are using the new Kanban-system in Nextcloud to manage and track all marketing efforts. Furthermore, our new Matomo web-traffic analysis dashboard is an important part of the new marketing system.

For testing purposes, the marketing campaigns we are running now are still small in scope. However, the new systems are meant to be very scalable, so we can upscale our marketing activities in the near future.

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