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MIND|CONSTRUCT LinkedIn group officially launched
MIND|CONSTRUCT LinkedIn group officially launched

Published: 2012-04-28 in Organization

Today we have officially launched the dedicated LinkedIn group for MIND|CONSTRUCT. The primary aim for the group is to have a place to discuss our developments with interested parties and to get valuable feedback from other researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


All relevant news items and newly published papers and documents, here on the site, will be announced in the LinkedIn group to support open discussions on these topics. Besides that, group members are free to start their own discussions, as long as they are within scope for our group. The group is actively moderated to keep things in check.


If you have a LinkedIn account, feel free to join the group. If possible, share the group in your own network, so we can attract new group members.

You might not have a LinkedIn account yet. In that case, maybe it's time you get one.


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