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Selecting the database platform for ASTRID
Selecting the database platform for ASTRID

Published: 2012-04-20 in Development

Finding the right database technology is paramount for the development of our strong-AI system. There are several important features needed in the data platform we are going to use, speed of data-reads being just about the most crucial.


After looking at the usual suspects like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and many others, we finally have chosen PyTables as the best bet for our data-platform. Most database management systems are making a trade-off between reasonably fast updates and reasonably fast reads of data. Based on several evaluations available on the web, we found that PyTables smokes all competition when it comes to superfast data retrieval.


In addition, of being very fast on reading large datasets, PyTables has the added bonus of being a native Python-based system. As we have Python selected as our main development platform, integrating PyTables will be easy.

MySQL will be used alongside PyTables for less speed-intensive data-tasks.


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