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Participations & funding

MIND|CONSTRUCT is a big project with even bigger opportunities. To be able to develop something like we are doing, a large amount of money is needed. We hope to get this money from investors (private and corporate) and by making use of several available subsidies and technology stimulation funds like the EU Horizon2020 fund.

For interested parties we have below listed an overview of the (current) planning and budgetting for the remainder of the project.

Interested in participating?

For inquiries regarding participation or other forms of funding you can directly contact:

  • Hans Peter Willems (all inquiries): +31(0)615-603-315
  • John Bouterse - Fysum (participations): +31(0)648-780-742

You can also use our contact-form.

Planning, budgeting and realization
Phase 1: Development of concept and technical design

During this phase the underlying concept has been researched and developed. Much time and effort has been put into vindicating the concept against existing research. We also researched extensively any possibility or proof that our technology would NOT be possible, however we have not been able to find such information. On the contrary we have found large amounts of existing research that gives a solid foundation for our concept.

Based on the conceptual model we developed the technical design, that is the foundation for our first prototype. We have finalized the details of the technical design, in part based on the selection and availability of development tooling.

Planning/period2009/Q3 - 2012/Q3
Budget/Funding€ 150K
Actual status milestone_status_select_4
DeliverablesConceptual & technical design
ApplicationAGI/Strong-AI R&D-projects
Phase 2: Realization prototype AI-mind

For this part of the project we are building the organization; we are assembling a team of developers, extended with specialists in several areas like neuroscience en behavioral sciences. But also in areas like organization, patent-law and other legal areas we will hire specialized consultants.

Eventually this phase will result in a working prototype, that will demonstrate our concept for a 'conscious AI' in a convincing way.

Planning/period2014/Q2 - 2015/Q3
Budget/Funding€ 250K
Actual status milestone_status_select_3
DeliverablesAI-mind operating system, prototype
ApplicationProof of Concept, Investor demos
Phase 3: System training & behavioral research

Early on in the prototype development, we will start with setting up training scenarios for the actual training of the system. Our AI is a supervised/autonomous learning system that uses real-world interaction to build its experience and perception of the world around it. We will employ additional specialists and (probably) academic students for this phase.

Planning/period2015/Q2 - 2015/Q4
Budget/Funding€ 750K
Actual status milestone_status_select_1
DeliverablesTraining sets, trained system
ApplicationTuring Test, AI Xprize
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