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Partners & Relations: OpenAdvantage
Preferred Suppliers

We like to have a close relationship with our suppliers, as they directly affect our results. The companies listed below are our preferred suppliers for all kinds of services and products, who are bringing more to the table then just deliveries.

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About OpenAdvantage

OpenAdvantage is an IT-company, specialized in Code Generation and MDA (Model Driven Architecture) technology, and implementation of Knowledge Management Systems based on semantic wiki technology. They are actively involved in several kowledge management projects in the Zeeland province in the Netherlands, where they participate with the HZ University of Applied Science.

For the initial development of our own R&D-platform, we utilized the code-generation technology that is developed by OpenAdvantage. It gave us the possibility to rapidly prototype the platform back-end, including a full management GUI for all the data that the system is going to generate and accumulate. OpenAdvantage is also involved with the realisation of our new website management system (CMS).

Contact information

Phone: +31-615-603-315

Address/location Punt 33 4332AC Middelburg

Want to become a MIND|CONSTRUCT partner

If your company or organization can assist us in any way, please contact us through the available options here on the website. Although we are already working with several partners, we are still building our team, organization and especially our technical and scientific network. Below you'll find a small overview of areas and disciplines that we are looking at for additional assistance.


  • Management
  • Funding
  • Team dynamics

Science & Research

  • Research partners
  • Additional Advisory Board members
  • PhD research candidates
  • Academic/science interns

Development & Technical

  • Python developers
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