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Development: Basic development tooling
Posted: 2012-04-19

We have finished the selection for our basic development tooling. The main programming language will be Python. Next, our choice for the development environment goes to the Eric IDE. Finally, for code revision management we will use Merurial.

Python programming language

We have choosen the Python programming language for several reasons: For many scientific projects it is the language of choice, and because of that, a large amount of scientific extentions is available. Besides that Python is a interpreted language, which helps in rapid prototyping and testing. Last but not least, Python does not force the OO-paradigm onto the developer, but it is there if you need it.

Eric IDE

Eric IDE is clearly one of the more mature and functional development tools for Python development. It also has native support for QT4, a windowing toolkit and application framework.

Mercurial code revision management

After evaluating several other options like Bazaar and GIT, we finally settled on Mercurial for it's straight forward operation and setup, but not in the least also because of the availability of a very functional desktop-client (TortoiseHG).

Links to the specific websites for these tools are available on the Research & Development page.

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