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Development: Major milestone: Knowledge Representation implemented
Posted: 2017-12-08

Another major milestone in the project has been reached: the ASTRID-system is now capable of autonomously building and maintaining a semantic world-model. With this milestone we have crossed the boundary into the realm of real Artificial General Intelligence, as the system now accumulates Commonsense Knowledge totally unsupervised.

To our knowledge this is a first in the world. There are in fact projects that accumulate Commonsense Knowledge, but none of them is doing that with autonomous AI-systems. Up till now, accumulation of Commonsense Knowledge has been named as one of the 'hard problems' in Artificial Intelligence research.

The most famous AI-project that aimes at accumulating Commonsense Knowledge is the Cyc-project. The Cyc-project does the accumulation with pure human effort and the project has been running for more then 35 years already. During that period an estimated 1.5 million facts (including semantic references) have been entered in the Cyc-system. However, the Cyc project estimates that at least ten times that amount is needed. At the speed of the Cyc project that would mean another 300 years or so.

The ASTRID-system on the other hand is capable of reading documents and extracting detailed Commonsense Knowledge from any sentence. The system can read at high speeds and we can run ASTRID-systems in parrallel to build one unified 'brain'. Our expectation is that we can reach 1.5 million facts within the next few months and ten times that amount in about a year.

For interested parties and (prospective) investors the current system is available for demos.

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