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AI World: Human Brain Project: opposition mounting
Posted: 2014-07-15

The Human Brain Project, a large scale Cognitive Science research project in Europe, received an incredible 1 Bln. Euro in funding to be spend over the next ten years (100 Mln. annually). However, opposition has been mounting because of the narrow scope of the project, Artificial Neural Networks, basically blocking any other non-ANN related Cognitive Research having access to European funding. Close to 200 (and counting) scientists in Europe have signed an open letter that basically asks to re-evaluate the Human Brain Project and redistribute its funding in a more granular way across Cognitive Research projects.

The criticism is not only aimed at the obvious vertical funding of one specific domain in Cognitive Science; there is also the fact that the Human Brain Project is being managed basically by one man (Henry Markram, the 'architect' of the project). In addition to that, the decision processes for electing sub-projects to receive funding under the Human Brain Project is far from transparent and again led mainly by Henry Markram.

The website for the Human Brain Project can be found here, the open letter is available here.

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