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AI World: AI X-prize launched
Posted: 2014-03-22

The Xprize foundation, together with TED, have launched the AI Xprize. It can be seen as an extended Turing-test, where a machine intelligence has to prove it can function like a human. In this case the machine has to function like a very intelligent human, capable of giving a TED presentation and answering a few questions about the presentation afterwards.

The actual AI Xprize has not yet been officially opened. People around the world can participate in the actual formulation of the Xprize goal and rules. So far, at least, it is exected for a AI-system to give a presentation TED-style and elicit a standing ovation from the TED audience. After that, the TED host will ask a few questions about the presentation and the AI-system should be able to answer those. The AI-system won't know that actual topic untill 30 minutes before the actual presentation, and will have those 30 minutes to prepare the presentation; a feat that is hard even for real humans.

More information about the AI-Xprize can be found at the Xprize website.

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