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Development: RapidMiner added to project tooling
Posted: 2012-06-09

We have just added RapidMiner to our project toolset. RapidMiner is a platform for text analysis, machine learning and knowledge model experiments. We are using RapidMiner to test several hypotheses about the needed information structure for our strong-AI engine.

Based on our research we have developed certain hypotheses about how information (knowledge) needs to be structured, in combination with 'temporal emotional content', to be able to build a system that is capable of 'emotion-based reasoning'. Testing and fine-tuning those hypotheses takes a lot of time, especially if you have to write the testing code for each and every scenario. Enter 'RapidMiner', a text analysis, machine learning and data transformation toolbox that makes it possible to setup models for testing very quickly. It also let you change parts of the model and retry the model very fast, as there is almost no coding involved.

In our search for such a tool, we looked at several other options (like GATE), but settled for RapidMiner because of it's visual modeling environment and consequently very short learning curve. In addition, RapidMiner seems to be the most popular Open Source tool in this domain, and it has a big and active community because of that.

The RapidMiner website can be found here.

You can discuss this topic in our LinkedIn group

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