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Organization: LinkedIn group officially launched
Posted: 2012-04-28

Today we have officially launched the dedicated LinkedIn group for MIND|CONSTRUCT. The primary aim for the group is to have a place to discuss our developments with interested parties and to get valuable feedback from other researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Development: Selecting the database technology
Posted: 2012-04-20

Finding the right database technology is paramount for the development of our strong-AI system. There are several important features needed in the tool we are going to use, speed of data-updates being just about the most crucial.


Development: Basic development tooling
Posted: 2012-04-19

We have finished the selection for our basic development tooling. The main programming language will be Python. Next, our choice for the development environment goes to the Eric IDE. Finally, for code revision management we will use Merurial.


Organization: MIND|CONSTRUCT officially launched
Posted: 2012-04-18

It's done: MIND|CONSTRUCT is officially launched and concurrently we have launched the website. Great effort has been made for setting up the organization and realizing the website and we hope it shows. We are looking forward to developing our product and interacting with interested parties.


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