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Development: Major milestone: Knowledge Representation implemented
Posted: 2017-12-08

Another major milestone in the project has been reached: the ASTRID-system is now capable of autonomously building and maintaining a semantic world-model. With this milestone we have crossed the boundary into the realm of real Artificial General Intelligence, as the system now accumulates Commonsense Knowledge totally unsupervised.


Development: KNIME added to research tooling
Posted: 2016-09-23

We have added KNIME, a comprehensive ETL-workbench, to our R&D toolbox. KNIME can read and write numerous file-formats and databases, while doing complex computation on data between source and target.


Development: Beyond the XEROX benchmark POS-tagger
Posted: 2015-10-30

The Xerox reference tagger has been the benchmark for Part-of-Speech tagging for quite a while now. Today we are proud to announce that our POS-tagger has surpassed this benchmark. The most important fact however is not specifically surpassing the reference benchmark, but the incredible big difference in the amounts of data used by Xerox and by us.


Development: Major milestone: POS-tagger implemented
Posted: 2015-06-01

The first important milestone of the prototype implementation has been reached: we have implemented a state-of-the-art 'Part of Speech tagger' (POS-tagger). This means that the system is now at the level of current NLP-research and is actually at the forefront of development in this area.


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