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Development: Major milestone: POS-tagger implemented
Posted: 2015-06-01

The first important milestone of the prototype implementation has been reached: we have implemented a state-of-the-art 'Part of Speech tagger' (POS-tagger). This means that the system is now at the level of current NLP-research and is actually at the forefront of development in this area.


Development: Gephy Visual Toolbox added to research tooling
Posted: 2015-04-20

We have added Gephy, the Open Source data visualization platform, to our research tooling. Gephy can visualize large complex datasets, if needed in real-time.


Development: Prototype development started
Posted: 2015-03-02

We have finally started the development and implementation of our first prototype. We expect to have a substantially working version before the end of this year. When ready, this version will be available for public demonstrations.


Development: RapidMiner added to project tooling
Posted: 2012-06-09

We have just added RapidMiner to our project toolset. RapidMiner is a platform for text analysis, machine learning and knowledge model experiments. We are using RapidMiner to test several hypotheses about the needed information structure for our strong-AI engine.


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