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MIND|CONSTRUCT is a leading developer in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), historically also known as 'Strong AI'. Having developed a scientifically fully vetted model for 'machine consciousness', we are now in the process of building the actual machine that will prove our concept. Our system is mainly aimed at controlling humanoid robotics for fully autonomous operation (first target being Health Care robots), but can also be implemented in other areas where a high level of autonomous operation and/or human-like machine interaction is needed.


The MIND|CONSTRUCT organization is the culmination of many years of scientific research in the realm of Machine Cognition and the so called 'hard-problems'. By leveraging extensive experience in (human) knowledge-management, we have designed a generic system that is capable of not only 'learning', but actually can have 'experiences'.

Innovation in AI-research

The AI-engine that is being developed by MIND|CONSTRUCT is based on a innovative datamodel, that is totally different from the usual ideas surrounding Artificial Intelligence. The starting point is the statement that our brain is not the equivalent of a complex computer, but is more comparable with a complex database.

Going from this point of view, we can now see that the 'functionality' of our brain is not defined in complex algorithms, but instead is modelled in continuously adapting data-structures. MIND|CONSTRUCT has developed a datamodel that can represent this complex functionality.

Commercial and scientific targets

The AI-mind that is being developed by MIND|CONSTRUCT, will be available as technology that can be incorporated into existing and future products. To cater for this the 'engine' will contain several interfaces that can be linked to existing technology in areas like visual recognition, sensor technology, robotics, etc.

From this position it is obvious that the MIND|CONSTRUCT focus is aimed specifically at the 'AI-mind'; we are certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel and are therefor building on top of technology that has been developed in the aforementioned areas.

Areas of application and market opportunities

The possibilities of a real 'strong-AI engine' are endless. Below we've listed some examples:

  • Many large companies, like for example Honda and Toyota, are already advancing their development of domestic robotics; robots that have, in most cases, a humanoid-like posterior that eventually will fulfill roles in e.g. taking care of elderly people. Those developments are eagerly awaiting the availability of a 'consciously operating AI-mind'.
  • Aerospace programs will be helped by the availability of strong-AI for the direct control of space-probes, satelites and other equipment. A strong-AI engine will make remote control, with all it's related delays and drawbacks, largely obsolete.
  • Machine translation of information is still in it's infancy, and this will remain to be the case until the availability of a strong-AI engine. Good and correct translation is depending on insight and experience, things that are only possible with strong-AI.

Hans Peter Willems - Founder / CTO / Lead Systems Architect

Hans Peter envisioned and developed the Cognitive Architecture that lies at the foundation of the ASTRID-system. He has experience with more than 20 programming languages, has written way over a million lines of code across those languages, has over 35 years of experience in Information Systems Design and broad expertise in software engineering, software quality assurance, project management and business process engineering. Besides this, Hans Peter has been a self-employed entrepreneur for the last 27 years and he is active as a business coach and consultant.

Dr.Dr.Ir. Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis - Science advisor

Gerard has been one of the first scientists who became involved with the project. He is an inspirational member of the Advisory Board, and has been for several years now. Because of his background in Bio-Informatics, he is especially capable in asking the right questions for us to answer. His involvement extends to his own research regarding the 'Operator Hierarchy'.

Huibrecht Boluijt - Science advisor

In his former profession as a teacher in physical education and sports, as well in his current profession as a psychologist and psychotherapist Huibrecht has always been very interested in the connection between the mind and the soul, the thinking and feeling of the human being. In the world of psychology there is still no consensus about the way the two are working together. Participation in this project gives him the possibility to investigate whether cognition and emotion are completely different constructs or if the two are one of a kind.

André de Koning - Management advisor

During his career, André de Koning has worked as Senior Project Manager for many large companies like Dow Chemical, KPN, Essent Energy, Dutch Tax Office and Rabobank. He has extensive experience in managing and coordinating (large) project teams. Besides being one of our major investors, André now acts as main management advisor.

Esther Versteege - Management Assistant

Esther is our Management Assistant and Office Manager. She is responsible for running our office and handles all management-related planning, agendas, meetings, etc. Having many years of experience in running office for several companies, she has all the skills and competencies needed for the job.

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